7 Effective Tips To Become A Model

Modeling? What usually comes to mind when the word “modeling” is said? Many would say ‘Fashion,’ ‘Runways,’ ‘Tall’ and ‘Attractive.’ But that’s only half. The model market is huge, so not just high fashion. It includes feature articles, commercials, TV commercials (TVC), and even body parts. The modeling world is more than just Continue Reading

A guide on how to be a model

Models are almost always known for being tall, skinny, and beautiful. Of course, to be a model, you have to be beautiful, but like any other profession, modeling requires much more than being beautiful. It also requires in-depth knowledge of the craft, talent, and personality. Here are some things to consider when pursuing Continue Reading

Something to know about modeling

Modeling or modeling employs people to advertise, display or promote commercial products, namely consumer goods, cosmetics, designer and fashion clothing, electronic items, jewelry, personal effects and services, and many more. A model is a person a company or company employs to make a visual connection with the product or commodity being Continue Reading

The modeling industry in the 60s

The 1960s were an era of great change and revolution in the fashion world; modeling agencies first appeared. In the beginning, agencies that provided secretarial services offered their services to models to get contracts, charging weekly rates for bookings. Models were alone in choosing brands and customers and maintaining their contracts and Continue Reading