Many people, young and old, of all shapes and sizes, see models in the world around them and wonder if they might have what it takes to become one. Can they cut it into catalogs, sell clothes for high street labels? What about jewelry for sale as a body parts model? With the industry more reflective of those who buy their clothes, plus-size, fitness, and models over 40 are more in demand than ever. However, most people have no idea what the first steps in modeling are, and like many people unfamiliar with a Problem, they assume there is more to it than there is.

Many aspiring models seeking modeling advice fall victim to scams. One of these scams is the ‘advice’ scam. This is the idea that a company that is not a job search agency is there to advise you on your next steps to becoming a model. These companies include UK Models Advice, Models Connect, Model Scams, Model Excellence, The Model Advisors. All these companies claim to give you advice. In reality, however, photo studios or photo studio directories pass on your data to photo studios. These companies will sell you shoots for hundreds of thousands of pounds but are only worth one or two hundred pounds. These photos are usually highly airbrushed and of poor quality and therefore useless for real agencies to use and find out if you have what it takes.

Studios provide photoshoots to Modelling agencies and do not find modeling work. Modeling agencies are not allowed to charge upfront, and they are there to pay you money. If you find yourself paying for a photoshoot or being asked to make a deposit for a photo day, understand that this is a photography company trying to sell you photos and nothing more. Examples include Basic Models and Shape Models, which have nothing to do with becoming a model.

Many aspiring models don’t know that agencies like FM Models, Storm Models, etc. Models are always looking for new clients. They have websites and, in most cases, online forms where you can upload a simple unenhanced photo of yourself and your personal information, and they will contact you if you have potential. They can judge you because they are real agencies. However, you can see these forms in modeling directories like Model Excellence. Still, they are only there to capture your personal information and sell it to photo studios that pay them a monthly fee.

If you want to be a model, approach agencies directly, but you just take photos to photo studios or photographers, a writer specializing in fashion and photography. I have more than five years of experience in fashion, art, and photography. I focus on good places to use, like  Kube Studios and Fusion. Fusion Studios and Kube Studios are not modeling agencies.